Jot it Down: Evidence Tracker

jot-it-down (Jot it Down: Evidence Tracker)

*Component 4 will be added this fall.

Candidates, download the form. Save it to your desktop. It will open with Adobe DC. If you do not have Adobe DC, you may download it for free following the link below.
Adobe DC

The Jot it Down: Evidence Tracker document is aligned with the rubrics and what candidates are asked to do on each component. To use this document, print out a copy, read over it then write your commentary. Once you have written your commentary, complete the form. If you are unable to complete everything on the form, go back and rework your commentary.

The Jot it Down: Evidence Tracker is trademark property of the University of Mississippi. If you are a candidate support provider and would like to purchase rights to use the form please contact, the World Class Teaching Director, Tammy Kirkland at