General Portfolio Instructions

nb3_general_portfolio_instructions (General Portfolio Instructions)
This document downloads with Component 2, 3, and 4
Document Contents
Preparing for the Assessment
  • Getting Started
  • Retaking a Portfolio Component
  • Understanding the Portfolio Component General Requirements
  • Locating and Using Important Resources
  • Following Policies and Guidelines
  • Learning Portfolio- Related Terms

Developing Your Materials

  • Writing about Teaching: Describing, Analyzing, and Reflecting
  • Sample Portfolio Entries
  • Reviewing Your Writing
  • Recording Videos for Component 3
  • Video Analysis Questions
  • Video Recording Tips
  • Submitting Your Video Recording
  • Analyzing Student Work

Formatting, Organizing, and Submitting Your Portfolio

  • Formatting Your Evidence for Electronic Submission
  • Using Forms to Organize and Describe Your Evidence
  • Uploading and Submitting Your Evidence of Accomplished Teaching